Grooming Hints at Home

Many of our customers choose to bathe their dogs at home. This is a good way to serve as training for the pet as well as involve children in the care process of the family pet. However, there are a few things that you will want to know and do if you choose to bathe at home:

  1. Brush your dog PRIOR to the bath. In other words, it is important to brush and comb out ALL the mats and tangles before the bath. Bathing a dog with mats only locks in the mats and makes them even more challenging to remove.

  2. Grooming TipsUse a Detergent Free Shampoo. If you are uncertain if it is detergent free, it more than likely is not. This is important so that you do not dry out the skin and coat as well as remove the monthly flea and tick preventative you use. We sell all of the products in the BOUTIQUE that we use in the SPA. When you look at the concentration level of our products, the price usually is substantially less than what you are buying at the grocery store or pet box store.

  3. WATER - Plenty of clean fresh water. Just as we like fresh water throughout the day, so does your dog. Remember to change is often.

  4. BRUSH YOUR DOG. It does not matter whether you have a full coated breed or a short coated breed brushing is important. It provides training, structure and discipline for your dog while removing mats on a regular basis. ALSO very important for short coated dogs to retard the shedding process. It also stimulates the skin and moves the essential oils on the skin across the coat offering a beautiful and healthy shinny coat.

  5. FOOD - yes food! Feeding your dog the best food that you can afford is a great way to care for the skin and coat at home. Many dogs have allergies to wheat and corn and thus food with fillers of the two ingredients not only do not provide the protein and nutrients that are needed, but often cause skin issues.

  6. In case we forgot to say it... brush your dog regularly!

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