Healthy DogIs your dog over weight?

Fact: 1 lb on your dog is the equivalent to 10 lbs on humans - Feeding a food free from fillers and feeding the proper quantity for your dogs age and activity level will dramatically support weight loss or maintain a desired weight level. Try breaking treats in half in order to continue to reward your dog for good behavior without potentially adding the extra weight.

Does your dog have skin issues?

The single biggest reason why dogs have skin related issues is actually food allergies. Try feeding a kibble that is Wheat and Corn FREE. This will often eliminate the issue without the costly expense of medications and veterinary bills. Do not forget that many treats contain wheat and corn as well - Red Hydrant offers a huge variety of natural, wheat and corn free treats many with only two simple ingredients.

Good health and beauty start with good nutrition. Red Hydrant is pleased to offer The Missing Link which when added to your dog's food will help their skin and coat by providing Omega3 and Glucosamine to your dogs daily diet. You can read more about this product at their website.

We also offer a variety of brushes to help remove dead coat and mats. For owners that like to bathe their dog at home between grooming we offer the complete line of Davis Veterinarian Products that we use in the Spa. We also offer a variety of pet sprays that will help repel insects, deodorize and relieve itching

Dental health is very important for your dog. We have toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental rinse. We even have treats that help reduce bad breath.

Many dogs suffer from tear stains. Our clients tell us they have tried a variety of products and have found that only ANGEL Eye's works. We offer it in both small and large bottles. It is a simple liver product that can be added to your dog's food. Please stop in for printed information from the manufacturer.

And of course we offer K9 Advantix which repels and kills fleas, ticks mites and mosquitoes. Living in Florida regular treatment for fleas and ticks is VERY necessary to prevent severe skin and health problems for you and your dog. We offer it in a convenient 4 pack in all dog weights and sizes.

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