Frequently Asked Questions

My dog is "hot", should I shave him down?
Shaving a dog down to the skin has little merit. It places the animal at risk of scratches and irritation when out of doors, does not allow the natural coat to protect it from lawn chemicals and insects, damages the coat from potentially not growing back normally, removes the natural insulation the dog has from heat. His coat not only keeps him warm in the winter, but keeps them cool in the summer. As far as shedding, it does nothing - they will now only shed very short hair! RECOMMENDATION: Brush your dog regularly and give them plenty of fresh water.
Should I cut the mats out before coming to the groomer?
NO! NADDA! NO WAY! When the coat is matted and you cut mats out this will leave a huge hole when the dog is finally bathed and dried. RECOMMENDATION: Keep you dog brushed regularly, if matting still persists, we use and sell products in the Boutique specifically designed to loosen tangles and ease the brushing process.
What can I do to stop my dog from shedding?
The best advice is bathe and brush your dog regularly. More than likely they are shedding old coat or they are "blowing" their undercoat. Both are best managed by giving your dog regular baths and brush sessions. We have several different types of brushes for various coat types for sale in the Boutique to expedite the brushing process. Make certain to inquire about our special SHED OUT TREATMENTS in the spa and De-Shed shampoo for at home use.
How often should my dog be groomed?
It varies for each dog. Certain breeds require more maintenance then others. Feel free to ask the groomer to recommend a schedule for your pet. Our price structure is based on regular professional grooming cycles. For instance, we can not perform the same quality of work in the typical amount of time for your dog if it is overgrown. Additional charges may apply.
How often can I bathe my dog?
We bathe many dogs weekly. The real issue is what products are you using on the dog's skin and coat. Make certain that you are using a detergent free shampoo. If you are uncertain, it more than likely is not free from detergents. We sell every product in the BOUTIQUE that we use in the SPA. This way you will be certain that you're at home bathing is supporting the professional care they receive when at the Red Hydrant.
How do I know when my dog needs its nails trimmed?
You will know! As soon as they begin making "clicking" sounds on the tile or wood floor, simply call the Red Hydrant and see when a good time to bring your dog in for a nail trim.
Why don't you sell retractable leads?
As you know when you read any training book or manuals, retractable leads are not the best for your dog. They are very difficult to maneuver when the dog becomes excited and anxious and often "bolt" before you are able to lockdown the lead. They often become tangled up in the owner's legs and even create rope burn marks. When healing your pet, typically a 4 to 6 foot lead is quite sufficient.

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