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  2. Cleansing Bath
  3. Shed Out Package
  4. Medicated Shampoo Treatment
  5. Flea Treatment
  6. Nail Trim
  7. Medicated Ear Cleaning
  8. Teeth Brushing
  9. Hand Stripping
  10. Baby's First Bath
  11. Coat and Skin Re-Builder
  12. Nail Paw-lish
  13. Pad Treatment
  14. Other Charges

Basic Services

Optional Spa Services Include:


Pet Guardians - Freshen Bad Pet Breath in 30 Seconds and Prevent Oral Health Disease!
Pet bad breath is often overlooked, but it's actually one of the first signs of oral disease. At any one time, 80% of all dogs and 70% of all cats show signs of dental and oral health diseases. Regular dental care can add as much as five years to a pet's life.
American Veterinary Dental Society

PlaqClnz eliminates pets bad breath, protects oral health and helps add up to three healthy years to your pet's life.

Your groomer can be one of the most important caregivers in your pet's life, and a partner in protecting their health. Ask your groomer to take a few minutes to note your pet's breath and examine their teeth and gums for signs of oral disease.

Be sure to tell your groomer if your pet has noticeable bad breath or any problems with chewing, loss of appetite, uneaten food, food dropping from the mouth or pawing at the mouth or face.

Download an informative brochure (PDF).
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This is a great way to freshen up your pet without the expense of a full groom. The Cleansing Bath includes a Brush Out, Ear Cleaning, Massaging Bath and Hand Dry as detailed in the Complete Spa Package. Add-on service can be added if you so choose. Appointments for Cleansing Baths are typically much easier to book and obviously cost less than a Full Groom. Prices vary on breed and coat.
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This is a HUGE customer favorite. A great way to eliminate all the unsightly hair all over your house! If you are experiencing shedding of coat all over the house and car, a "shave down" is not always the best option. You may wish to consider a professional SHED OUT. This removes the undercoat as well as topcoat the dog is in the process of blowing. Remember that a dog does not perspire through their skin as humans do, they pant. If you have a coated breed, it has a coat for a reason, and removing the coat can cause serious long-term health issues. The price for this service is nominal and varies based on the size of your pet. This service is done in conjunction with a Cleaning Bath or Complete Spa Grooming Service. This is actually a COMBINATION of De-Shed Formulated Shampoo (also available for purchase and at home use) along with special drying and brushing process. Prices range from $10.00 to $30.00.
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This is a wonderful treatment for those dogs with minor skin issues, "hot-spots", flaky skin, rashes and great for those dogs suffering from allergies and Florida insects. The shampoo is massaged into the coat and skin and then allowed to soak. Your pet is then rinsed and a Hypo-allergenic shampoo is applied. This treatment takes an additional few minutes, but is well worth the additional $5.00 to $10.00 charge.
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Please alert us at the time of booking appointment that you pet might have fleas. We can inspect your pet when they arrive and begin treatment upon arrival if needed. Please note, We will treat for fleas if we identify them and the charge of $10.00 will be added to service total.
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This can be added to a Cleansing Bath or can be a standalone service. Please call the store at 813.388.6810 to inquire about a mutually convenient time to stop in for this service. Proper nail trims are crucial to the overall hygiene as well as look and comfort of your pet. Prices begin at $14.00.
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This is a great treatment for dogs that are periodically challenged with ear infections. In addition to plucking unwanted hair from the ear, we use a wonderful solution that contains Boric Acid...this is excellent at killing surface bacteria. Charge is only $5.00
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To maintain healthy gums and aid in tartar and plaque control. This is an up-charge of only $6.00.
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This is a complex grooming process that most groomers are not skilled enough to execute safely and well. In this process, the dead hair is pulled out instead of cutting the hair with clippers or scissors. This enables new more course wire like textured coat to grow in. It does not hurt, although the dog may not like it. This process maintains a "wire" coat while clipping makes it soft. This process is most typically done on Terriers. A regular grooming schedule is needed to achieve the desire look and feel of the coat. Prices will vary depending on breed and groom or style of the dog.
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This is so important. A healthy and fun experience the first time at the groomer is essential in the long term care and grooming of your pet. We welcome your puppy at the age of eight or more weeks. Please indicate this special service to the receptionist when booking your appointment. There is no additional charge typically for this service, but we do like to allow extra time to ensure that they have a fun and positive first experience at the groomer. We will also give you some follow-up homework to do with your pet at home to assist in the training of the pet.
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This is an amazing service that is wonderful senior dogs, dogs who recently delivered a litter of pups or undergoing medication treatments. This natural protein is applied after the bath and then dried into coat. It can be applied is specific areas (great for hotspots, areas recently shaved by Vet or areas where the dog chews or licks excessively) or applied all-over to help build a thick beautiful coat. Prices vary on the size of the application area. This can also be done at home!
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Yes that is right; we can paint the nails of your beautiful dog. This is a great way to show off a special groom or work as an accessory to a beautiful new dress, harness or collar. Price begins at $10.00
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Many times a dog get dry cracked pads and paws, just like we can occasionally get dry cracked heals. Price is only $5.00. Again this is preformed in conjunction with a bath or groom.
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Other Charges:

If your pet is matted, please note there will be an additional charge based on the rate of $15.00 per quarter hour. In an effort to not traumatize your pet, if they are severely matted discuss with us other possible options. All measures to remove any mats without cutting them out will be taken - this helps to maintain the integrity of the coat. Regular grooming of your dog will help to ensure this does not become the norm. Sometimes it is simply not in the best interest of the animal to subject them to the standing and de-matting process. Sometimes it is best to opt for a "smoothie" and start over with a clean palette. After all, it is hair and it grows! When a "smoothie" is necessary the price can range from $15.00 to $30.00 in addition to the standard groom rate.
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Please be hones - if you know that your little four legged child misbehaves at the groomer, it is important to share that with us up front. Overweight large dogs, senior dogs or others with physical challenges might be a candidate for SPECIAL NEEDS ASSISTANCE. As previously stated, the care and well being of your animal is very important to us. From time to time it takes two groomers to safely and effectively groom some dogs. Obviously there will be an up-charge. Knowing this up front allows us to appropriately book the appointment with two groomers. We do reserve the right to refuse service to a pet that is un-manageable and thus a potential risk to either the pet or a groomer.

*** Please note that we will ask you to provide us with written proof of current rabies vaccinations. Without this proof, we are sorry, but we will not be able to provide services that day. This is for both the safety of your pet as well as the safety of others - including your groomer! Although not required by Florida law, we also highly encourage Bordotella vaccinations as well. Please ask if you have any questions.

Price varies on the size and breed of your pet. Please ask when booking for a price quote. Pricing is based on regular visits. Dogs with over-grown coats are subject to additional charges. It takes more time to properly groom a dog that has not been to the groomer recently.
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